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Cheap Clarks Originals Boots

Clarks Originals Boots

Cheap Clarks Originals Boots

Clarks Original boots have as much tradition as almost any other, still remaining, collections of footwear or fashion in the UK today.

Known as the Originals, original, the legendary modest and unassuming Clarks Desert boot, first appeared on the British High street, in Clarks stores in the 1950's. An iconic style, that was right for the time, but was also timeless – it has almost never went out of fashion - seeing especially strong interest over the past decade. Fast forward a couple of decades and the Desert Boot inspired another classic in the Originals repertoire - the Desert Trek boot.

The 1970’s were a decade in which comfortability was regarded as being almost important as style, especially during the oil strike, so the arrival of the desert trek, also known as the desert ‘hike’ at the time, could not have been more apt, with its distinctive centre seam offering an alternative style, and the classic crepe sole, first seen on the original Desert boot, protecting the foot. It’s another classic that survives to the current day.

Features of Clarks Originals Boots

There are a number of styles of Clarks Originals boots available for men & women, these include:

If you’re looking to find cheap Clarks Originals Boots online then you’ve come to the right place. A pair of Clarks Originals Boots will serve you well, and with the well known and sustainable Crepe sole comforting your feet, you can feel safe in the knowledge you’ve made a good purchase.

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